Tournament Overviews

MIPUBLINX offers several tournament venues providing a competitive golf atmosphere for all levels of competition. From scratch players to the senior player, the MIPUBLINX has it all. All MIPUBLINX events are contested in accordance with USGA rules and provide a competitive atmosphere, regardless of the division in which you elect to compete. Contestants are required to comply with the MIPUBLINX Code of Conduct, Pace of Play policy and abide by all USGA rules.

In addition, the MIPUBLINX conducts team play events throughout the season in addition to the season opener Michigan Publinx Medal Play Championship (formerly the Lee Gohs Classic), the perennial favorite State Match Play Championship and the invitation only Deyak Classic.  Our Championship division members have the opportunity to qualify for the Atlas Trophy Matches biennial tournament for a Ryder Cup vs. the Golf Association of Michigan.  Please visit the tournament pages for details and application information.

Championship Series Tournaments

Championship Division

The Championship flight is comprised of some of the best amateurs in the state of Michigan. The MIPUBLINX has been represented by several of it's premier players in numerous USGA and GAM events over the past several years. This is a highly competitive division with good scoring abilities a must in order to compete in these tournaments. Players requesting to play in the Championship flight must be capable of demonstrating a high level of skill and have a USGA handicap index of 5.9 or lower. Application for acceptance into the Championship flight are subject to review prior to competing in this division.  Top players will have the ability to qualify to the Atlas Trophy Matches and East / West All Stars, which are Ryder Cup style events.

Senior Scratch Division

The Senior Scratch division is a new division created for the players that have reached their 50th birthday by the start of the event that they are playing in.  This division has grown in popularity and allows the players to play from a slightly forward set of tees from the Championship Division.  Top finishers will receive gift certificates.

Net Division

For player's who wish to compete in a more relaxed atmosphere, the Net division provides a handicapped format for the player who wants to test their skills against players of like talent in a competitive environment.  Designed for players with up to a 20 (max) handicap, the Net division is a good, friendly place to experience competitive golf in a handicapped tournament.  Course slope and index are computed with the players USGA index to derive a tournament day handicap.  Top finishers will receive gift certificates and earn a chance to play in the season ending Deyak Classic.

Michigan Publinx Medal Play Championship

Initiating the tournament schedule is one of the two premier events hosted by the MIPUBLINX.  Starting the season off is the Michigan Publinx Medal Play Championship (formerly the Lee Gohs Classic).  This 54 hole stroke play tournament is contested over the Memorial Day weekend with the winners receiving the Lee Gohs Classic Trophy.  Players may compete in one of 3 divisions (Championship, Senior Scratch and Net) for medal play honors. See the Michigan Publinx Play Championship page for further details.

State Match Play Championship

Rounding out the season, is the perennial favorite of many golf purists.  The annual State Match Play Championship draws competitors from all across the state to participate in our year ending tournament. Contested at one of the finest golf facilities in the state, the SMP starts the last Friday in July.  A two day 36 hole (scratch) qualifier flights players in 64,32 or 16 man brackets for match play.  The tournament has Open, Senior and Super Senior Divisions.  This event brings families, friends, caddies and hundreds of golf fans out to enjoy a highly competitive and suspense packed competition at any level.  From scratch to 20 handicapper, the drama is high, as players of all skill levels compete to win their bracket.  See the SMP web page for more details.

Championship and Senior Team Play

Public golf courses around Metro Detroit sponsor competitive teams in the MIPUBLINX Team Play.  Teams consist of 10 members who compete in a combined stroke / match play venue on scheduled dates throughout the summer.  Team's elect captains to organize and run the competitions, in cooperation with Division directors governing competitions.  The MIPUBLINX Board of Directors oversight committee provides rules and dispute resolution.  Currently, the MIPUBLINX is organized in two divisions on the East and West Side of metro Detroit.  The MIPUBLINX welcomes teams and public course operators from all across the state who wish to participate in the Team play format.  If you have a regular group that plays, at a facility or know a facility interested in sponsoring a team please contact the MIPUBLINX office at (248) 433-5544 or email us at