Code of Conduct 

All members of the MIPUBLINX will be guided by this code of conduct. All events conducted by the MIPUBLINX, including Team Play, all GAM events, events of any sanctioning body, or any event conducted at any club, are covered by the MIPUBLINX code of conduct. Any reported misconduct and/or incident referred to the MIPUBLINX will be  reviewed by the Code of Conduct committee.

Code of conduct violations may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Failure to abide by the rules of golf as outlined by the USGA, or local rules as set forth by the committee at the site.
  • Failure to provide accurate handicap information where required on entry forms.
  • Failure to abide by any posted rules of the host club, including dress codes.
  • Foul/abusive language or violent behavior towards fellow competitors, tournament officials, or club employees.
  • Failure to maintain appropriate self control at an event; excessively loud/rowdy or violent behavior, club throwing, or causing any damage to the course or club property. Excessive is defined as “ if a third party finds it necessary to go to the effort to report it………….” If the report contains enough information to make verification possible, we will investigate it.
  • Inappropriate dress. All players will wear shirts with collars and sleeves. Tank tops, tube tops or shirts with offensive lettering are not acceptable. Shorts should be no shorter than mid thigh length. All MIPUBLINX events are spikeless. Failure to comply will lead to disqualification of the player for the event. Decisions of the tournament officials and/or club officials are final.
  • Issuing a worthless check, or failure to account for any financial obligations to the MIPUBLINX, any governing body, or host club.

Potential violations should be reported, in writing, to the MIPUBLINX within thirty (30) days. The complaint must include name of offender, nature of the offense, method of contact (phone #, address, etc.), names of any witnesses  (with contact info) who may verify or corroborate the incident.

Upon review, the Code of Conduct committee may:

  • Dismiss report without action.
  • Send a letter of warning to violator.
  • Convene the committee and investigate incident. This action will lead to a report to the Board of Directors that will include any recommendations for further actions.

Potential sanctions/punishments, as approved by vote of the Board, may include:

  • Probationary status for a TBD period of time
  • Suspension of member privileges for a TBD period of time.
  • Dismissal from the MIPUBLINX for a TBD period of time.

The Code of Conduct Committee will notify violators by phone and/or in writing of any complaints, and of any actions to be taken. No sanctions/punishments of dismissal or suspension will be issued without the accused having a hearing with the committee, and if necessary, before the Board of Directors.